About Cafe Emmanuel

Why is the café called Emmanuel?

The guests often ask me why the café is called Emmanuel. The name Emmanuel is Hebrew, and it means”God is with us”. I came to Denmark in 1985, and when I heard the church bells for the first time, I felt safe here! I am a Christian Assyrian from Iran and a refugee fleeing from prosecution and war. God was with me during the escape and he was taking care of me.

The story behind the 7 Charities

In 2014, I prayed to God and asked what I could do to give back. God tells me to open a café in Amager. This became a realization on 24 October 2015. I asked God” Why a café?” and one night in a dream I saw angles lighting 7 candles. God tells me that the 7 candles means 7 projects to support charities in need, and that I should be in control of these charities. God tells me that 10 percent of the cafés profit must go to the charity projects.


The 7 charities in need of support are:

  1. Homeless
  2. Animals
  3. The sick
  4. Foreign aid/refugees
  5. The elderly
  6. Youth criminals
  7. Children

4 of these charities are already started, thanks to the tips given by the guests at the café. By purchasing our Rum Balls, you support the charities.

Thanks very much for your support!

We look forward to your visit!

With best regards and smiles from Café Emmanuel

Karolin Keyghaldi-Østergaard

Owner of Café Emmanuel