Café Emmanuel supports 7 charities

Three years ago, Café Emmanuel opened in Amager at Milonovej 9. Café Emanuel is a cozy afternoon tea café located in the charming Italian quarter close to Amager beach. The café was relatively unknown until it was featured in the Amager Newspaper, Hjemmet Weekly and the newspaper Udfordring.

However, most importantly the café has started 7 charities donating all tips. The café plans to donate to more charities once it is making a profit, we anticipate that approximately 10 percent of our profits will be donated to charity.

You can order the 7 different Rum Balls right here. Each Rum Ball represents and supports one of the 7 charities.


Rum Balls with coconut supporting the homeless


Rum Balls with peanut supporting animals


Rum Balls with licorice supporting the sick

White Chocolate

Rum Balls with white chocolate supporting the elderly


Rum Balls with Daim supporting foreign aid and refugees

Chocolate Sprinkles

Rum Balls with chocolate sprinkles supporting young criminals

Tivoli Sprinkles

Rum Balls with Tivoli sprinkles supporting children