Terms and conditions and privacy policy

Ordering and pick-up

You can place an order up to 1 day before pick-up

Please note that there is no pick-up on Monday and Thursday, and when the café is closed for holiday.

Pick-up must take place during opening hours, unless otherwise agreed.



Delivery is possible for orders over 200 rum balls.

Orders for delivery must be placed using the contact form, or by calling +453255 5545

Please note that there will be a supplement for transport expenses.


Personal data

When placing an order using our webpage, you must give us your name, email, address and phone number. We need this information for accounting purposes.

When you contact us using the contact form, you inform us your name and email along with your message, please note that this information is only stored while we are preparing your order.


When you write a review under one of the products, only the information that you uploaded will be listed.


The information will not be sold or forwarded to others.

If you let us know, we will at any time, delete or change your detailed information.


Last updated: December 11, 2018